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Automate Your
Front Office's
Most Repetitive Tasks

Get more patients in the door, while maintaining control of your practice's schedule.

How can NextPatient
help your practice?

From patient self-scheduling and smart reminders to automated waitlist management, bill pay, and more,
NextPatient serves premier plastic surgery and med spa clients.

Online Form Requests
vs. NextPatient Self-Scheduling

Accelerate patient access and reduce busywork for your staff. Want to see what NextPatient can do for your plastic surgery practice? 

Compare Your Estimated Monthly Revenue Results
Typical plastic surgery practices using NextPatient's self-scheduling double their online bookings and confirm more than 90% of those appointments.

With your current online form requests $

With NextPatient's online scheduling $

When it comes to office efficiency, yes, patients can submit request forms after hours, but office staff are still required to manage those leads. NextPatient removes the middleman so patients can self-schedule and the staff has more bandwidth to provide a great patient experience when answering inbound calls.
I really wanted patients to have the dopamine effect of knowing they’d booked something.
Jasmine L. Alderson | Spa Director, LUX A Medical Spa
Alexis Parcells, MD | Parcells Plastic Surgery

NextPatient Partners With Top Practice Management Systems for Plastic Surgery

Ready to see how your plastic surgery practice can grow with NextPatient?