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Automate Your
Front Office's
Most Repetitive Tasks

Get more patients in the door, while maintaining control of your practice's schedule.

How can NextPatient
help your practice?

From patient self-scheduling to smart reminders, automated waitlist management, bill pay, and more,
here are some amazing examples of select dermatology clients.

Online Form Requests
vs. NextPatient Self-Scheduling

Accelerate patient access and reduce busywork for your staff. Want to see what NextPatient can do for your dermatology practice? 

Compare Your Estimated Monthly Revenue Results
The typical dermatology practice that uses NextPatient's self-scheduling doubles their online bookings and confirms more than 90% of those appointments.

With your current online form requests $

With NextPatient's online scheduling $

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The number of patients booking online is a massive relief to my staff, who can now focus on patients in the office. NextPatient contributes directly to both our quality of care and bottom line.

Dayna Ferreira

Practice Manager
Hudson Dermatology

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Just by posting your schedule online, I can almost guarantee that you'll get your return on investment within that first week.

Edward Ransom

Project Manager
Cosmetic Laser Dermatology

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NextPatient has supported our bottom line drastically.

Heidi Simonato

Heidelberg Dermatology

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We partnered with NextPatient for our online scheduling needs and are already seeing an increase in new patients.

Susan Melton

IT Director
Dermatologists of Central States

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This entire process has been so easy to adopt and execute. My practice hit the ground running offering patients the flexibility of making on line appointments within days.

Dr. Melda Isaac

MI SKIN Dermatology

NextPatient Partners With Top Practice Management Systems for Dermatology

Ready to see how your dermatology practice can grow with NextPatient?

Dr. Gregory takes 30 minutes to see a new patient with a rash, and Dr. Kelly only takes 15 minutes?  No problem, we can handle that and other complicated scheduling preferences. See for yourself.